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J-1 Internship Program


The internship programs provide you with opportunities to gain work experiences in the field of your study, experience cultural diversity and create an international professional network. You can choose a short-term (one month) to long term (up to 12 months).

F-1 University Program


These programs are for individuals who want to study in the US at a college or university as a full time student. You can start at the community college level seek admission into a graduate school for your MBA. ICEI will match you with the school that offers the most suitable program for your needs.

Matured /Adult Education Program


The program is specially designed for the individuals who are in advanced age groups. Many study abroad and exchange programs are designed for young people. But when you were young, the world was not structured to have such exchange students systems available for everyone. 

Elite Program


The program is designed for individuals who want to be admitted into the top 20 universities or top 20 graduate schools in their field in the U.S. American schools’ doors are opened for anyone who wants to advance their education. However, only a small number of people...

F-1 English Program


English Program – Language School You will gain writing, reading, speaking, and listening abilities in school, at home, and while you are with your classmates and new friends. Your classmates and friends are from all over the world so English is the only way to communicate. And your host family members are Americans. You will […]

Participants of the programs come from all over the world.  From scholars seeking PhD degrees to retired teachers wanting to master English, environmentally conscious young adults to executives of multi-national companies, lawyers studying to get a US license to volunteers.  ICEI will match you with the school or companies that are most suitable for your needs and situations.  ICEI offers extensive customized services before you depart from your country and throughout the time you are in the U.S. 

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