ICEI is committed to providing your organization assistance throughout the duration of the J-1 program.  The following is the summary of FAQs.


Health Insurance

ALL J-1 participants must have health and accident insurance.  All participants will have either ICEI provided or self-provided insurance.  Some host companies may decide to pay the insurance fee or pass the payment on the intern.  All insurance fees must be paid before issuance of DS-2019.



Wage should be equivalent to what an American intern or trainee should earn. 


Social Security Number

J-1 participants will apply for Social Security Number shortly after their arrival.  The application process takes up to 6 weeks and may not be ready when J-1 participant starts working for your company.  You can still add J-1 participant to payroll without Social Security Number, if the participant can present the receipt for Social Security Number application.

Please enter “applied for” in the box asking for the number when you are completing IRS form W-4.



J-1 participants are subject to the following taxes

- Federal Income Tax

- State and City Income Taxes


They do not have to pay

- Social Security and Medicare (FICA)

- Federal Unemployment (FUTA)


Please attach a written statement to Form 940 and Form 941 stating that those holding a J-1 Visa are not subject to FICA and FUTA taxes to claim FICA and FUTA exemptions.


J-1 participant must complete IRS Form W-4 and Form I-9.  Please note that since J-1 interns are “non-resident aliens”, please advise them to disregard the instructions on Form W-4.


Please provide Form W-2 to any J-1 participants who received compensation. Those who did not receive compensation do not need Form W-2; instead, they must file a tax return using IRS Form 8843.



Evaluations are required at the end of an internship. The program lasting longer than six months must also submit a Midterm Evaluation. Evaluations must be completed and signed by the host company supervisor and the J-1 participant.  ICEI will provide the evaluation forms.  If there are any questions, please contact us.



12 months for interns. ICEI will charge the fee of $550, and additional health insurance must be purchased to cover the extended program dates.

To apply for an extension, contact ICEI representative no less than two weeks before the end date on the Form DS-2019.

The following items must be submitted to ICEI at least two weeks before the original end date:


New Internship Placement Plan reflecting the additional skills


Letter written to ICEI by the supervisor explaining the reason why the extension is necessary and how it would benefit the J-1participant


Intern mid-term report and the host company intermediate evaluation form


Extension fee and payment for additional insurance



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