Matured /Adult education Program


The program is specially designed for the individuals who are in advanced age groups. (Maybe you are no longer college age but have a love of learning and wish to immerse yourself in the English language.  Many study abroad and exchange programs are designed for young people.  But when you were young, the world was not structured to have such exchange students systems available for everyone.  Either that or your country was not ready to send its citizens to other countries for study, or you had to work hard to raise your children and protect your family.


ICEI provides international individuals who have time, money, and an interest in furthering their knowledge and also ability to speak English.  We have created the first program of its kind, geared toward young at heart international individuals.  The program is the same as those programs geared toward the younger college generation, with a couple differences.


Instead of home stay arrangement, we will arrange a short or long term rental property (house or apartment)

Pick up at the airport and take you to the rental property.

Day trip to introduce you to the town, transportation systems, and how to get around.

At least once a month you will have the opportunity to share coffee time or barbeque with us and  other participants of the program


ICEI pays attention to your specific needs to make your transition and life in the US as comfortable as possible. 


For:                                       People who want to study and want additional comfortable arrangement


Purpose:                               Pursue additional education interests and international experience


Duration:                               1 month to duration of your study


Service Fee:

# of Schools         Service Fee:  

   3                           $ 2500

   6                           $ 3400

 Up to 10                    $ 4500


Services Included:

Application process for school

Counseling Session

School matching (3)

Application for pre-requisite tests arrangement (example: LSAT, GMAT..)

Resume service

Essay review and editing (up to 2 revisions)

Application packet submission

Credit evaluation arrangement* evaluation fee is not included


24 hour emergency hot-line

Housing arrangement* rent is not included

Pick-up at the airport

Day trip

Guideline for visa application

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